Enterprise Agreement Microsoft Benefits

Enterprise Agreement Microsoft Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft is a global technology company that provides users worldwide with various software, hardware, and services. One of the best offerings that Microsoft provides is the Enterprise Agreement (EA) that provides several benefits to enterprises. It is designed to help organizations that want to manage and purchase Microsoft software licenses and services across their enterprise.

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a licensing and purchasing program by Microsoft that offers a unified contract for cloud services and software across all departments, functions, and locations in an organization. Below are the benefits of the Enterprise Agreement offered by Microsoft:

1. License Management

With an Enterprise Agreement, an organization can manage and track all its Microsoft software licenses and services under one contract. This makes it easier for the organization to handle software compliance and licensing issues.

2. Lower Cost of Ownership

Microsoft offers attractive pricing for organizations that opt for the Enterprise Agreement. It provides predictable costs over three years and reduces the total cost of ownership, leading to cost savings.

3. Software Assurance

Software Assurance is one of the most significant benefits of the Enterprise Agreement. It provides access to the latest software and technology, free upgrades, and training courses. Besides, it offers technical support and the right to migrate to new software when released.

4. Volume Purchase

One of the primary benefits of the Enterprise Agreement is the ability to make volume purchases. An enterprise can purchase Microsoft software licenses and services in bulk, leading to cost savings.

5. Cloud Services

Microsoft Cloud Services are available to all Enterprise Agreement customers. This includes Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure On-Premises. It provides greater flexibility and agility, enabling organizations to scale with ease.

6. Better Contract Terms

An Enterprise Agreement offers better contract terms to enterprises, including more favorable payment terms and more flexible deployment options.

In conclusion, Enterprise Agreement Microsoft Benefits provide a comprehensive licensing and purchasing solution to enterprises. It is an efficient and cost-effective way of managing Microsoft software licenses and services. The benefits include better license management, lower cost of ownership, software assurance, volume purchase, cloud services, and better contract terms. If you are an enterprise looking to manage your Microsoft licenses and services, then the Enterprise Agreement is the perfect solution.

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